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2 June, 2016
“2M-BLOW”: a project with a signature from Leiria!
2 June, 2016

Seminar “Building and Developing a Strong Leadership”

Despite this news is a little late due to problems on our website, it’s never too late to mention the presence of Nova Plasteste at the exceptional seminar organized by Cefamol in partnership with Banif, entitled “Building and Developing a Strong Leadership”, wich took place on 26th November.

With the President of Cefamol, João Faustino, opening the honors with an excellent introduction that immediately captivated everyone present due to its originality, the seminar started very well, contaminating with curiosity everyone in the room about what would happen after.

Then the speaker Luís Costa starts talkingcalling himself the story teller”, and the truth is that among so many stories as interesting and stimulating, we feel that the time has flew. It was a very enriching seminar that allowed everyone to learn and recycle ideas. We look forward to be on more seminars like this one.